Readers ask: What Municipality Does Shinnecock Bay Fall In?

Where is Shinnecock Bay?

SITE LOCATION: Shinnecock Bay includes the segment of the barrier beach and backbarrier lagoon system on the south shore of Long Island, east of Moriches Bay and west of Mecox Bay, about 122 kilometers (75 miles) east of New York City.

How wide is Shinnecock Inlet?

Shinnecock Inlet connects Shinnecock Bay to the ocean. The entrance channel is roughly 10 feet deep and 200 feet wide. The inlet from one end to the other is approximately 0.7 miles long, 300 yards wide with water depth averaging 20 to 40 feet to the bottom.

How was Shinnecock Inlet formed?

In 1938, Shinnecock Inlet was formed from the breach of the barrier beach. In 1938, a massive hurricane hit the area and the inlet connecting Shinnecock Bay with the Atlantic Ocean was opened. After the breach, it was stabilized with stone jetties from 1947 to 1954.

When was Shinnecock Inlet formed?

Geological Impact of the 1938 Hurricane Perhaps the greatest long-term impact on Long Island of the Great Hurricane of 1938 was its creation of the Shinnecock Inlet and the widening of the Moriches Inlet to the west. (The Moriches Inlet was most recently formed by a powerful northeaster in 1931.)

What time does Meschutt beach open?

3, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

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